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Pepper Potts CEO of Stark Industries, if you need anything please don't hesitate to ask.

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Tony jumped before looking back, smirking as he turned around. “Well hello, Mrs. Stark.” He winked and grabbed her waist. “When did you get back?”

He rubbed her stomach, “Sorry babe. I think she just misses me because you were gone for a week.” He whispered and kissed her again. “I can’t wait for her to come and i’m prepared to stay up all hours with her.”

Pepper smiled, “I know she missed her best daddy.” She kissed his nose and chuckled, “me too.”

Beat Down The Hammer // fix-meim-brokenxx


Tony had locked himself away in his office, focusing on the paper work and signatures. He had to keep his mind away from Virginia, she was an adult, that much was clear, and he had to let her get back out there and work. He wasn’t going to force her to stay with him.. no matter how much he never wanted to leave her. 

She had a life to live now. And now that she had a job, he wasn’t going to stop her. Despite how much he really didnt like the newest job choice. 

Pepper sauntered into the room, shutting the door behind her as one leg moved before the other as she walked into the room. Taking the immense wad of cash off the table and rose a brow to the man. She sat it back down and took a nod to the pole as a chance to walk over and show off her moves.

Though each minute she did it the more odd it felt. This man was off, something about him made her feel on edge and it had her guard up. “What do you wish?” She asked out of habit.

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10. Playing a Video Game
11. In a bubble bath
12. Re-enacting a scene from a movie
13. Crying
14. Ranting
15. Having a Bad Day
16. In an Embarrassing/Provocative Costume 

Beat Down The Hammer // fix-meim-brokenxx

         Bright pink stilettos moved across the carpeted floor of the new club she had been working at for the past few weeks. After Tony finally let the reins loose she was able to go out and look for a job Of course she loved to dance but it wasn’t the first place she tried to get a job in. She tried retail, fast food, anything but she wasn’t going to do it by giving out Tony Stark’s name. Which ended up leading her here, at Hot Stuff. What a cliche name for strip club.

       ”Pepper, you’re needed in back.” Her cut dry and much less trustworthy boss spoke to her. She spun on her heels giving a nos as she swayed her hips towards the back room. Her ponytail curling at the ends as her more girly and flashy outfit covered her breasts and ran to her waist. Her panties matching. The room door left ajar as she pushed it open to see a man that seemed like a pathetic business man sitting in the chair.