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Pepper Potts CEO of Stark Industries, if you need anything please don't hesitate to ask.

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"I try to be," said Tony, pretending not to hear the sarcasm.  "What do people call you, if you’re Virginia?  Ginny?"


"We just met and we’re already at nicknames?" She smirked playful, "I have been called Ginny, it’s either that or Virginia." She shrugged.

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Pepper swung her hips towards tony as she read the instant mailed invitation to a ball of sorts. She loved to dance and she sure as hell wasn’t interested in going alone, “come on it’ll be fun.” She hummed her hands moving to his tie pulling him closer, “just you.. and me, dancing.” She smirked.


Tony pretended to ponder.  ”Ballroom dancing in an Iron Man Suit.  Impressive?  Or just silly?”


"That’s beyond silly, it’s ridiculous." She narrowed her eyes, "I’m going to take that as a joke seeing as I would not appreciate that." She chuckled, "now I have to get dressed."


"What do you mean you can’t do this?" His eyes widened.

"I mean I can’t do this Tony.. I’m not safe!" She put her hands up stepping back some, not trusting herself. She couldn’t trust herself, not after everything that happened, and nothing was stopping it, "I’ll hurt you." Her eyes were hooded with a sadness as a dark part of herself surfaced. She didn’t know if she’d ever get over this, if she could just have the control back..


Tony nodded.  ”JARVIS?” he asked.  ”Ready for the first flight?”

Yes, Sir, the computer replied.  And may I say that I do appreciate you running all the recommended tests and diagnostics before showing the finished product to Miss Potts.  I just wish you’d do the same when working with your own equipment.

Pepper smirked as she looked to Tony, hearing JARVIS’ announcement. “Worried about me, Mr. Stark?” She moved to the front of the suit smiling, “why do I feel like this will be dangerous?” She looked back, “and not in the usual sense.”

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"Yeah well you’re a trooper for not getting drugs." He whispered and squeezed her hand. "I feel like a changed man. I have someone who going to grow up needing me and i get to protect her for the rest of her life even if she doesn’t want it."

She smirked, “I told you I was tough.” She teased her hand still in his. “You’ll be a wonderful father, Tony Stark.” She pressed her lips to his and smiled, “she’s gonna be spoiled rotten by you, isn’t she.” She chuckled.

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He grinned proudly.  ”When would you like to try it out?”

She smirked back at him, “as soon as possible, Mr. Stark.”

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